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About Me





y name is PinLinLin, I come from China.  I have been here for more than two years.  I learned English when I was high school in China.  I took the CLIP (College Level Examination Program) and ESL09 before, and I am taking ESL91 in KCC now.


            I hated learning English when I was high school I China, but I found a lot of fun during learning English in college in the USA.  I still have problem with developing my essay, and using a correct word and grammar in my essay.  However, I see there are some improvements.  During learning English, I know to read some thing fun is a best way to improve my English.  Reading newspaper may be good for some people, but it can be a medicine for me.  It is good for my body, but it is not taste good.  Looking for a best and our own way to learning English is good for all of us.